Playing Beyonder

If you need some help in how to get started playing Beyonder, you’re in the right place.  This page has suggestions on how to get started and some docs that should also help out.  And, as you all give us feedback (please!  see our Contact Us page), we’ll add new things to this page to get things rolling.

Make a New Beyonder Character

The Beyonder rule book, “Beyonder: The Science of the Six” has two ways to make a new character for yourself.  The first is called the Make Your Character with an Adventure, aka MYCA.  This steps you through a short story where you make choices.  On the basis of the choices you make, we automatically generate a complete Character for you.  There is a character sheet below that you can download to write down all your info.

The second method is called Custom-make Your Character, or CYC.  This gives you a lot more leeway in making choices, and, so is more complicated.  We recommend this method for people who already have some experience playing Beyonder.  But, hey, give it a shot…nothing to lose.

Both of these methods are in our rule book, as we mentioned.  They are both also on our on-line system.  In addition, the on-line system has a couple other ways to make a new Character.  One is called Quick Choice, which allows you to just click off your key selections, and you’re done.  The other is “Off the Rack”.  For this one you’ll see a list of Character types.  Just choose the one you like and it will make a copy for your new Character.

To get to the on-line system, just choose “Builder” from the menu at the top of this page and login.  Then go to “My Characters” –> “Create a New Character” and get started.

And, here’s the Beyonder Character Sheet.

Tracking Combat and Encounters

When you find yourself in a combat situation, or really any kind of encounter, it’s helpful to have a way to keep track of who’s turn it is to take an action, or declare an action, or just to generally keep track of the timing of things.  We have a Beyonder Tracking Wheel that can help you with that.

Adventure Modules

We’re working on adventure modules.

To the Guilds We Go!

This is a good adventure for beginners.  It is pretty straightforward, gives you a chance to explore one of the most significant places just outside of Tarnath, which is one of the major cities in the Beyonder world.

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